GD from ports on FreeBSD 4.9

Wayne Pascoe freebsd-feb at
Fri Apr 23 01:09:43 PDT 2004

On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 10:49:33AM -0500, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Apr 22), Wayne Pascoe said:
> > I'm trying to build mrtg from /usr/ports/net-mgmt/mrtg and it appears
> > to want to update gd
> > 
> > The gd update is failing with the following errors:
> > 
> > cc -O -pipe -march=pentiumpro -I/usr/ports/graphics/gd/work/gd-2.0.22
> > -I/usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype  -I/usr/local/include/freetype2
> > -DHAVE_LIBZ   -c gdft.c -o gdft.o
> > gdft.c: In function `fontFetch':
> > gdft.c:485: `FT_ENCODING_MS_SYMBOL' undeclared (first use in this
> > function)
> Make sure your freetype is up-to-date (2.1.7_3 is the current version) also.

Thanks a bunch. That actually appears to be a bit broken, but I'll
contact the gd2 maintainer.

I was using portupgrade to update gd2, and I would have assumed that if
freetype was a dependency, portupgrade should have updated that as well.


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