chflags understanding

Alden Louis-Pierre alden.pierre at
Thu Apr 22 22:04:51 PDT 2004

Malcolm Kay wrote:

>On Friday 23 April 2004 13:02, Alden Louis-Pierre wrote:
>>    I'm looking through the Handbook to learn how to secure my FreeBSD
>>4.9 system.  While reading 10.2(
>>ml ) it makes reference to the chflags command.
>>Is there a difference between "chflags -R schg /sbin *" and "chflags
>>schg /sbin *"?
>The asterisk '*' in these commands looks rather unlikely.
>As it stands the first on these:
>  chflags -R schg /sbin *
>will set schg flags for the directory /sbin and for the whole tree down from 
>there, AND, with the asterisk, all files in your current directory and the
>whole tree down from there.
>The second version
>  chflags schg /sbin *
>will set schg on the directory /sbin, AND on all files in your current
>directory but it does not recurse through any trees.
>Perhaps you intended to compare:
>  chflags -R schg /sbin
>  chflags schg /sbin/*
>The first of these will set the schg flag on all files and directories in
>the whole tree rooted at /sbin (including the directory /sbin.
>The second will affect only the items listed in the /sbin directory not
>including /sbin itself or any files or directories further down the tree.
Thanks it makes sense now and yes your right, i wanted to do chflags -R 
schg /sbin/* .

Thank You
Alden Louis-Pierre

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