Booting Q.

MIchael Alexander froggymike at
Thu Apr 22 20:54:15 PDT 2004

Vijay wrote : Which OS did you install first? Fedora/FreeBSD ? 
I've FreeBSD first and then RH9. The Grub Seems to load the FBSD without
any problem.

	Fedora was first. I didn't install a boot loader at that time because I
was having problems with my MBR on previous installs of Mandrake 10 and
Suse 8.0. By the time I was done poking around trying to fix things I
ended up crashing the whole bloody thing. So I started from scratch. My
mate really liked Fedora, but I installed it to boot only from floppy.
Later I read that the boot manager on FreeBSD was fool-proof. So here I
am, the fool that is going to test that statement. Installing FreeBSD
fixed my MNR and boots fine from my HD, but Fed is not recognized as a
bootable partition with Boot Magic (I didn't install it as it wouldn't
have fixed my problem).

BTW I have really learned a lot from this list in the short time I have
been here, thank you all. And I decided to put my music files on a
separate partition that will be used as a secondary back-up (see file
sharing across desktops).

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