improper mounting of firewire hard disk crashes system

Tadimeti Keshav keshav_tadimeti at
Thu Apr 22 18:58:36 PDT 2004

Hi all,
I tried to mount my Firewire Hard disk; but this was
taking a long time, I killed off KDE
(CTRL+ALT+BACK_SPACE), and from root prompt rebooted
the machine.
fsck -Bv /
fsck -Bv /usr
fsck -Bv /tmp
fsck -Bv /var
fsck -Bv /home
Then I tried to mount the firewire hard disk.
When I do this, I got a series of characters printed
on terminal, and a message that the computer will be
reeboted in 15 seconds.

What went wrong and how can I begin to use my firewire
disk? I am not able to post the output cos, I don't
know how.
Thanks in advance

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