What is PPPoed?

Jorn Argelo jorn at wcborstel.nl
Thu Apr 22 08:53:53 PDT 2004

>Your wild guess makes no sense.
>DSL lines are 24/7.
>They are like leased line, with permanent connection.
>Dailup service uses user ppp to 56k voice line style modem.

This is not true. A friend of mine does not have a 24/7 DSL line.
He needs to dial-in into his DSL connection before he has internet.
Perhaps it does not exist in your country, or you are unaware of it,
but I am sure that it does exists.

Here is a quote from the first line of the pppoed man page:

The pppoed utility listens to the given interface for PPP over Ethernet
PPPoE) service request packets, and actions them by negotiating a ses-
sion then invoking a ppp(8) program.

I don't really find it that hard to understand though. It makes perfect
sense with what I said. It uses PPP (Dial-in) over ethernet.(PPPoe) A
modem does not use an ethernet line, as far as I know. (Modem is a
telephone line, using RJ-11 connectors. Ethernet uses RJ-45 connectors) 
So it has to be a utility to dial into a permanent DSL line, since you
can't dial into a cable modem. For a regular modem connection you just
use the PPP


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