Moving to apache2

Marius Kirschner marius at
Tue Apr 20 12:56:38 PDT 2004

> * Marius Kirschner <marius at> [0413 20:13]:
> > So in order ensure the most backward compatibility it's better to 
> > stick with 1.39?
> It depends what you use. mod_ruby, mod_php4, mod_perl and 
> mod_fastcgi are ok.
> mod_dav and mod_ssl are now builtins. That's all I use.
> You don't gain an awful lot from 2, I just wanted it for 
> SubVersion, which isn't available for apache 1.3.
> Don't know about python, you'd have to check.

Yes, mod_phyton and frontpage extension (sigh!) are the only other concerns.
I don't really need to go with 2, but thought that this might be a good
opportunity to make the switch.


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