Internet Problem

Andrew L. Gould algould at
Sun Apr 18 20:13:49 PDT 2004

On Sunday 18 April 2004 08:26 pm, MIchael Alexander wrote:
> 	Quick q. can't seem to get Internet to work in free bsd 5.1. Can ping
> to other addresses in intranet, but can't get out to www. Other machines
> in intranet work just fine. Also, mouse scroll doesn't work. Mouse is
> behind KVM but that may not make a diff. I am immersing myself in Linux
> / Unix with Fedora Core 1 and FreeBSD on one machine. It's late and I'm
> tired so I can't work on this anymore 'cause I'll screw it up. Chat
> soon.
>                                                                  frog
> P.S. I wrote that last night and was soo tired I forgot to send it :)

Did you remember to add the gateway to /etc/rc.conf or the name servers 
to /etc/resolv.conf?

Andrew Gould

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