base system vs. isc-dhcp : dhclient conflicts?

Rob nospam at
Sun Apr 18 05:46:25 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 09:31:05AM +0900, Rob wrote:
>>I have isc-dhcp3 port installed on my 4.9-Stable PC.
>>I need that as I want to configure this machine as
>>both, a DHCP client and server.
> Making a machine use itself as a DHCP server is somewhat odd -- there
> will be a boot time problem where the machine is trying to find a DHCP
> server, so that it can configure it's interface, so that it can start
> up all the servers it usually runs, including the DHCP server it
> needs...  Which isn't to say that it's completely impossible to make
> the machine be both client and server, but that you're going to have
> exert significant effort and some slightly baroque programming in
> order to make it work.  It's an awful lot easier just to give the DHCP
> server a fixed address.

Ah, didn't realize you could read my statement this way.
No, it's not like this.
My ISP runs a DHCP server, so my computer at home needs to be
the DHCP client for the initial network connection at boot up.
This computer also is the router of my home network and will
provide the DHCP server for the rest of the home network
(I have choosen for the latter for various, not so relevant
I suppose this setup will not cause the chicken-egg problem
as you expected :). Or will it?

>>I notice, that I have two versions of dhclient related
>>files (see below). Is this a problem and reason for
>>possible conflicts? What can I do to avoid multiple
>>versions of dhclient related files?
> These should be pretty similar, as they both come from the ISC dhcpd
> distribution.

Ah, I solved the problem my self already. The router is an old Pentium-1
(150 MHz). I installed plain 4.9 release with corresponding ports, without
bothering updating the ports, since I only installed precompiled packages.
Meanwhile the old isc-dhcp3 port has been split in a server and a
client port. So I can install the server from ports without overlap with
the client stuff in the base system.

Thanks for your considerations.


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