dhclient and host resolution

Killermink ! killermink at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 17 18:04:47 PDT 2004


I am having some trouble with my dhclient setup, but think I am almost 
there, just need a little prod for the last bit!

To me it seems a pretty ambitious setup, but I think to a seasoned pro it 
should be pretty easy...

I have a Apple PowerBook running Panther and have set it to share my modem 
internet connection over the Ethernet port.  FreeBSD is connected to this 
and should get all config via DHCP.  When dhclient runs, it successfully 
gets an IP Address from the Powerbook, and I can ping between machines...  A 
quick look at the leases file also shows that it has the Powerbook as the 
Gateway and as the DNS server.   However, I can only get to the Internet 
from the BSD box using IP addresses, trying a url such as www.google.com 
always fails as it cant resolve the host, plus the response is immediate as 
if it hasn't tried or waited for a response.

It was quite an achievement for me just to get this far, as I can't get the 
ltmodem working (maybe that will be another mail) and have only used FreeBSD 
for like a week!  However, it means I cannot use the ports or packages 
collection as all the fetch commands use the url and not the IP (anyone know 
where I can just download a full package to install XFCE manually?)

I am not sure what further information to put here, except that I can boot 
into XP on the same computer and am able to resolve URL's without changing 
any settings on the PowerBook, and the status in XP shows the same settings 
as the leases file in FreeBSd, so I'm pretty sure this isn't a problem with 
the PowerBook...

I will endeavour to supply whatever info necc, as there really is no point 
in having FreeBSD if it can't get on the internet, but I'm hoping its gonna 
be a pretty simple thing...  please can you put full paths for any files I 
might need to change, as I am don't know the file systems of by heart yet.


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