Transparent proxy/nat server using DHCP.

Jesper Wallin z3l3zt at
Sun Apr 18 04:01:08 PDT 2004


My ISP allow me to have 5 dynamic ip addresses. Yet, it's locked to the MAC address (i
think) .. currently my network look like this:

[ Internet ]----[ 16-ports Unex Switch ]----[ my network ]

..and in the local network, I have 3 servers and my two workstations. My idea was to put
one server "infront" of all other computers, like:

[ Internet ]----[ FreeBSD ]----[ 16-ports Unex Switch ]----[ my networks ]

..and have the FreeBSD server holding all 5 ips from my ISP and then NAT/Forward it to
the rest of the network.. like a transparent firewall/logging server. Like having 3 of
the ips going to my 3 servers.. and have another IP for NAT:ing the two workstaions
which uses a local IP range.. or something.

My porblem is to get the FreeBSD server request 5 ips on the same NIC using the DHCP
protocol. Is it even possible?

Jesper 'Z3l3zT' Wallin

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