Microsoft wireless mouse problem

Mark Ovens mark at
Sat Apr 17 10:04:12 PDT 2004

10,000 Screaming Monkeys wrote:

> I tried sending this to freebsd-hardware, but nobody replied, so I
> thought I would try here, as well.
> On one of my machines, I'm running FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT (last built on
> Jan 15th, 2004).
> I recently purchased a "Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop," which is a
> wireless setup with a PS/2 keyboard and a USB mouse (with a USB->PS/2
> converter, if I need it).

They don't work with FreeBSD. I've got one and spent ages searching the 
mailing lists and Google and it would appear that no-one can make them work.

Apparently Logitech cordless mice work and, as you say below, the corded 
version of the MS mice do, but not the MS cordless ones :-(

FWIW, I _suspect_ that it may be to do with the fact that the 
Intellipoint s/w that drives these things under Windows can report the 
battery status, which must be transmitted from the mouse, and it could 
be these messages that is "confusing" the USB (or mouse) driver under 
FreeBSD - the fact that the corded versions work supports this theory.


> Plugging the mouse cord on the wireless receiver into the PS/2 mouse
> port doesn't seem to have any effect on the matter -- the system detects
> a mouse on the psm0 port, but it still doesn't respond to movement.

Ah, now that _does_ WFM, and that fact makes me suspect that the problem 
lies with the USB driver rather than the mouse driver.

What are your mouse settings in rc.conf and XFree86config?

I really think it would be worth getting this problem solved as MS 
cordless mice are very popular. Device drivers are beyond my 
capabilities but if there are any USB driver hackers in the UK (Nick 
Hibma?) who would be interested in getting them working then I am 
prepared to lend them my mouse for a couple of weeks.



> Has anybody else seen a similar problem? Any suggestions as to what to
> do next? Nothing I've tried seems to be working and I could use all the
> help I can get...
> - Jamie
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