Install problems RE: bootloader

Lance Earl lance at
Fri Apr 16 16:17:31 PDT 2004

I have made the decision to move from Linux to FreeBSD as the OS for our
web server and desktops because I am more comfortable with the FreeBSD

I have a small network in my office that consisted of several Linux boxes
and one computer with Windows on hd0 and Linux on hd1.

The install on the straight Linux boxes has gone without a hitch. The
Windows/Linux Box is another story. During the install, it tells me that
since I am installion FreeBSD on hd1, that I will have a chance to install
the bootloader to hd0 at a later time. I have installed the OS twice and
on both occasions I am never given an opportunity to install the boot

The OS will install without a problem, but when I reboot the machine, it
hangs with GRUB being the last thing displayed on the moniter. What have I

Lance Earl
DallyPost, Inc.

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