PicoBSD create a http menu

Sjaak Nabuurs sjaaknabuurs at citytower.com
Fri Apr 16 16:16:06 PDT 2004


I would like to setup a small box for managing bandwith, firewall rules and more ... on a flash cards if possible 32Mb card
A user must have to setup his setting like ip adres gateway and DNS and firewall rules and more

Everything has to be small I dont want to install apache/perl/php.
I like picoBSD and this looks nice to me.

Does anybody give me a good hint how to setup a webserver menu. Just like many devices use for settings (routers/asdl modems .....) some devices use telnet for settings.
How they work with not to have perl or php do they use bash or something like to have interaction between a webserver and settings 
I like to use the Boa webserver but how to get the settings from the webserver to example the /etc/rc.conf without perl or any programming language.
Password management etc....

I good hint on menu driven telnet/sh/bash  would be nice as well.
Are there some examples for this, like passwd management.



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