how do you switch between wireless networks?

Remko Lodder remko at
Fri Apr 16 10:31:48 PDT 2004

BSD baby wrote:
>>>I just got my wireless connection working with a new PCMCIA card.
>>>But I'm still naming the wireless network in my rc.conf file. (DHCP 
>>>But as I go to join other wireless DHCP networks around the world,
>>>what's the best way to switch to that network without rebooting to do it 
>>>from rc.conf?
>>ifconfig <interface> ssid <ssidofwirelessnetwork> <ip> netmask <netmask>
>>should do that trick without rebooting.
> What I couldn't find in the handbook was how to do this for DHCP?
> If I don't know the IP or netmask, and want to let the DHCP server decide,
> how to I tell that to ifconfig?

dhclient $ifname ? (only i am not sure whether the sid gets caught, it 
might do it when the ssid is not hidden, but mostly the ssid is hidden 
(as it should), if you know that you can first ifconfig wi0 ssid 
<sidname> and then run dhcp or something.)

Hope this helps a bit...


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