Beginner's question about csh/tcsh

Josh Paetzel friar_josh at
Thu Apr 15 12:24:21 PDT 2004

> I checked what shell root was using and it was sh (/bin/sh).  So the 
> information on my first post was inaccurate.  My bad. I thought the 
> shell was csh.
> So, I changed root's shell to csh.  The problem of no .history via up 
> and down arrows went away.  The arrow keys now access the .history file.
> Strange.  Did I possibly do something to screw up the sh shell?
> Michael Chinn

The only thing that's wrong is that root is using /bin/sh, and the only way 
that can really happen is if someone changes it. :-/

Good Luck, 

Josh Paetzel

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