Beginner's question about csh/tcsh

Mike addymin at
Thu Apr 15 11:14:33 PDT 2004


I have a FreeBSD 4.9-stable server up and running and I ran across an 
error (most likely mine) while using csh.

I normally use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to access the command history. 
   However, this morning instead being able to go through the .history 
file with the arrow keys (the arrow keys that are not part of the 
numeric keypad), I get a "^[[A"  when using the up arrow key and a 
"^[[B" when using the down arrow key.

I've tried to clear the .history file but I still get it.  I've also 
tired to google through about 50 doc's and tutorials and through the 
freebsd-questions archive but... no joy.

Any hints or questions would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Michael Chinn

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