jumping mouse in X

tscheng at ic.sunysb.edu tscheng at ic.sunysb.edu
Tue Apr 13 18:40:32 PDT 2004

Hi freebsd-er, I recently upgraded my m/board and finally get x-window to
work again but my mouse is all very jumpy, I seem to lose control over it
and very hard to make it stay on one position. I have been trying to see
what people have to say on the internet. Something I came across is that
the driver for vedio card might affect it. My cedio chip is ProSavageDDR
K4M266, I can't run x-win when using original FBSD driver, but after
installing a 3-rd party driver, I was able to get it up, and everything
looked the way I wanted it! But just this mouse, it went crazy. It's a
2-button ps/2 mouse, I tried "auto" or "ps/2" protocol in X config,
nothing changed, I tried to put some moused related stuff in /etc/rc.conf,
then I get a nice working mouse in my console, but my x-win won't start up
because the mouse device is "busy". Any help! thanks!


Best regards

Tsu-Fan Cheng
Department of Pathology
SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794

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