MS Excel/Word compatible ports?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Apr 13 06:29:09 PDT 2004

> I know, I know, I could probably find the answer to this question myself, 
> but I thought I'd save myself the time and trouble.  :-)

Let someone else take the time and trouble???

> Does anyone know of any ports in the ports collection that can read/write/edit
> MS Excel/Word files?  I need this for a project I've been assigned at work.

Openoffice works just fine for Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.
But, in this one case, don't try to build it from ports.  It takes
forever and more than 4GB disk.   

They have already built packages for FreeBSD  that install just nicely.
Go to

Pick the latest package that suits your situation
Download it to /usr/local and run pkg_add on the compressed file.

Then, to set it up, run  /usr/local/OpenOffice1.1.0/program/soffice
Note the OpenOffice1.1.0 will vary according to what version you
download and where you tell it to put the Openoffice files.

Put that directory in your path.

After that, soffice, swriter, etc will start what you want.  It works
fine as helper utilities in your browser too.


> Thanks!
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