ssh root denied

RazorOnFreeBSD yann.luppo at
Mon Apr 12 13:08:24 PDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I have some troubles with ssh....
I have a Freebsd server 4.9 working in a closet without screen.
So I would like to use it through ssh from another station with OpenSSH to configure it when I need it.
I can connect with a user login / password, but not with root / password.
Is there any reason ? did I miss something ?

I use the command :     ssh root at   (This one doesn't work with the right password)
to connect or :              ssh razor at (This one does)  

Ouputs from OpenSSH :

Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

Not really clear for me..... :s
And I'm pretty sure the password is correct because when it's wrong it just asks me the password again!

Does anybody have any idea ?



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