freebsd in the architect office

Bob Collins bobc at
Mon Apr 12 12:38:35 PDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 12, 2004, jsha clacked the keyboard to produce:
> hi.
> i have a dying passion for freebsd and the concept of open source, and now i intend
> to patch it into the way architects shape our environments.
> architects need two things: autocad, and be able to print (plot). besides that, it's
> pretty much up to me how i want to set up this network. the first thing that entered
> my mind was freebsd.
> however, i have an additional set of windows software that i need them to use in
> order to increase productivity and quality in less time. these are products from the
> same people who made autocad: revit, architectural desktop etc.
> doing freebsd > vmware/wine > autodesk software seems like a difficult task. would
> it be best for me to stick to samba and perhaps run the windows version of blackbox,
> or are there some other hidden open source technologies (like there always are) that
> might benefit this office?
> thanks.
> --
> j.

Hey, you say you "have a dying passion for freebsd", does that mean your
passion is in fact dying? ;-) Or maybe you meant undying? hehehe

Being a registered Architect in Florida, I too would love such a thing,
but as far as I know, there is no good way to run AutoCAD on a *nix
system, emulated or otherwise.

My current situation is to use FBSD for file storage and the like. I let
the CAD guys run Wintel and AutoCAD. Yes, I am using Samba for that.

I have not tried wine in about two years, but even then I could not even
install AutoCAD, much less run it. I think that AutoCAD is to Windows
dependent to be emulated and you may be stuck with a not so perfect
situation. Perfect being a FBSD environment.


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