freebsd in the architect office

jsha johann at
Mon Apr 12 09:33:13 PDT 2004


i have a dying passion for freebsd and the concept of open source, and now i intend
to patch it into the way architects shape our environments.

architects need two things: autocad, and be able to print (plot). besides that, it's
pretty much up to me how i want to set up this network. the first thing that entered
my mind was freebsd.

however, i have an additional set of windows software that i need them to use in
order to increase productivity and quality in less time. these are products from the
same people who made autocad: revit, architectural desktop etc.

doing freebsd > vmware/wine > autodesk software seems like a difficult task. would
it be best for me to stick to samba and perhaps run the windows version of blackbox,
or are there some other hidden open source technologies (like there always are) that
might benefit this office?



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