installed freebsd on ibm thinkpad a21e

Joe Shmoe solo457 at
Sun Apr 11 21:51:15 PDT 2004

After i installed freebsd on my machine it would no longer boot. I found out 
after about the critical error and all the posts about freebsd not working 
on a2 thinkpads. If i hit f1 or f12 it gives me the loading screen and 
nothing happens and boot diskettes i put in my floppy drive dont load prolly 
cause the os wont boot. How can i get rid of freebsd if the os wont boot and 
the screen doesnt get past the big ibm with the f1 and f12 at the bottom.Ive 
already tried putting in the cd for the fix cd-cvs and boot loader downloads 
you have on the site they didnt get recognized or prolly couldnt run cause 
the machine wouldnt boot. Im stumped on this one and havent gotten much help 
from forums so figured id directly email u. Id appreciate(and desperately 
need) your help.

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