detecting touchpad as mouse

rommel asibal ooz_alinam at
Sun Apr 11 10:34:38 PDT 2004

[Im using this email because I think my other email
has been blocked due to spam, don't reply here anyway
I still receive mail from the freebsd-questions list]

I'm interested in detecting my touchpad as a mouse on
my laptop but I
didnt think I would be using X when I first configured
& compiled my

Now that I searched the lists and found out that you
have to detect psm0
as (i didnt uncomment it out because I didnt have a
ps/2 port) a device
first, now i really got this bad gut feeling. 
Compiling a kernel is scary
because the configuration is working and its hard
going back to scratch!

Is there a way i can detect my touchpad(or do i have
to compile again)?

btw im running FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT on i386 hardware.



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