Which compiler is used for ISO binaries?

Seunghun T. Lee seunghun at stlee.dhs.org
Sat Apr 10 22:09:53 PDT 2004


I was just wondering which compiler is used to compile the binaries
on the freebsd iso's. I am holding out from upgrading until it is
compiled with gcc3 preferably gcc3.3. I remember it was a big deal
when RH linux was shipped compiled with gcc3 and advertised speed
increase. I'm currently on freebsd 5.0p4 current or something like
that. I'm intrigued by ATAng, since the only way i'm getting the ata
drives to spindown is with a patch i found online.

also, 5.3R's release date is "TBD 2004." What's TBD stand for?

frankly, is 5.3R worth waiting for? or should i go with 5.2.1? 
This is my very first freebsd install (started with 5.0R when it
just came out) and I don't think I took very good care of it. ports
building are failing left and right, for one. It's acting as my
household all-purpose server for the family as well as my personal
desktop, so I left it alone all this while. I'm itching to start
fresh with the knowledge i gained about freebsd.

Lastly, does anybody have any personal experience with freebsd nfs
server and mac os x nfs client? more specifically, how to map uid
and gid?

thanks in advance

Seunghun T. Lee

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