Newbie stuck with kernel config (well sysinstall seams to hang)

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Fri Apr 9 19:56:27 PDT 2004

David Jones wrote:

>Hello.  I’m struggling with my first install of FreeBSD
>(4.9 from CDROM).
>I can find my way around the kernel config (visual and cli)
>but when I quit this, the sysinstall menu appears and my
>keyboard is dead (reset button doesn't work either).  I
>have tried to supply as much relevant information as
>possible from Windows98 that is currently installed, and
>put what I see from an “ls” in cli kernel config mode in
>“[..]”.  I’m looking for some advice to move forward –
>likely problem areas / other debug I can obtain that might

You *probably* should just "skip" the kernel config....all those
drivers are legacy hardware (ISA stuff with jumpers for IRQ,
etc...) It could be that skipping it would solve an issue or
two, even.

I certainly see nothing in your list below that FreeBSD
can't handle with the GENERIC kernel ... it could be that
fudging with kernel config is breaking GENERIC ....

Hmm, tell us about the CD ....

>I’m more experienced with redhat, and if I try booting that
>in text mode it dies as soon as it tries to boot the

That doesn't sound too good. Does removing various
hardware components help at all?

>Thanks for any help at all,
> Dave
>PentiumIII MMX 500MHz, 128Mb RAM
>ATAPI CDROM (Secondary slave)
>Seagate 3GB Generic IDE Disk Type46 (Primary master)
>NEC Multisync XV15 monitor
>Standard PCI Graphics adaptor VGA (in AGP slot) – IRQ11
>                                [vga0 0 0 ..
> (I set this with “irq sc0 11”)  Sc0 0 irq11 flags 0x100]
>Hard disk controllers;
>   Intel82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller – IRQ14
>      Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo) – IRQ14
>                                       [ata0 0x1f0 irq14]
>      Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo) – IRQ15
>                                       [ata1 0x170 irq15]
>Compaq Standard 101/102-key Keyboard – IRQ1
>                             [atkbdc0 0x60
>                              atkbd0  0     irq1 flags 0x1]
>Standard serial mouse
>Floppy drive – IRQ6 [fdc0 0x3f0 irq6 drq2]
>Numeric data processor – IRQ13 [npx0 0xf0 irq13]
>Programmable interrupt controller – IRQ2
>                                   [nothing assigned irq2]
>CMOS real time clock – IRQ8 [nothing assigned irq8]
>System timer – IRQ0 [unset irqs appear as 0]
>PCI to USB controller – IRQ12 [psm0 0 irq12]
>Additional info;
>Other drivers assigned irqs;
>sio0 0x3f8 irq4
>sio1 0x2f8 irq3
>sio2 0x3e8 irq5
>sio3 0x2e8 irq9
>ppc0 0     irq7
>ed0  0x280 irq10
>ie0  0x300 irq10
>lnc0 0x280 irq10
>sn0  0x300 irq10
>number of EISA slots to probe: 10
>Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
>Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A (PnP OS disabled
>in BIOS).
>When booting the BTX info looks like this;
>BIOS drive A: is disk0
>BIOS drive B: is disk1
>BIOS drive C: is disk2
>BIOS drive C: is disk3  <---??

That last is a tad unusual ... is the HDD partitioned
in two pieces?

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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