KMail seeing local maildirs differently than IMAP-server

Geert Hendrickx geert.hendrickx at
Fri Apr 9 08:48:32 PDT 2004


i see some ambiguity in using maildirs through IMAP and directly through
the filesystem, especially when using KMail.  

The "canonical" directory for maildirs is ~/Maildir, where the inbox is
in the root of that directory, and any other mail-directory is a
subdirectory of it.  The IMAP-servers I tried (courier-imap, imap-uw
and dovecot, all in /usr/ports/mail) only use the subdirectories whose
name starts with a dot.  

KMail on the other hand, when using maildirs as "local folders", always
assumes they are in ~/Mail, where every folder -including "inbox"- is a
subdirectory of it.  And only folders NOT starting with a dot are seen.  

So it can be pretty tough to handle your maildirs in both ways together, 
that is to say, through the filesystem and through IMAP.  I usually use 
Mutt for the latter case, as it is very flexible and it can handle most 
cases, but KMail seems to insist doing things its own way, which is not 
compatible with most IMAP-servers.  

Creating some symlinks to "mirror" the situation might be a usable
solution, but that's not very elegant.  Anyone knows a better solution?  


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