SORBS lists as open relay

Chris Shenton chris at
Thu Apr 8 14:13:41 PDT 2004

I was adding RBL blacklisting to my qmail setup, with rblsmtpd using
some blacklists which a couple folks on inet-access suggested.  I
noticed it logging connections from as being in SORBS:

rblsmtpd: pid 45632: 451 Open Relay See:

That web page indicates port 25 is an open relay, failing a test
on April 7 2004 01:46:38 GMT, relaying from relays at, to
spamtest at 

I manually confirmed their test, it appears as if it's a relay. 
This seems surprising since I know you guys have clue.

When I test using some of my own addresses, it says

  Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied

So is mx2.freebsd.or intentionally relaying from/to SORBS? On purpose?
To fool it into thinking it's a relay when it's not? Any other ideas?

I'd like to use some semi-reputable RBLs but can't afford to block
freebsd mail. 


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