internet via USB: how to use with FreeBSD?

Peter Risdon peter at
Thu Apr 8 03:24:32 PDT 2004

Rob wrote:

> I actually wonder, whether I should put a LAN card in the FreeBSD
> system and connect that directly with the modem via a RJ45 cable,
> and leave the USB adaptor out of the story. But would that work?

As a rule, it's a lot easier to use ethernet than usb with a FreeBSD (or 
Linux) gateway. You'll probably need to tell your network card to use 
dhcp, and you might need to turn off the cable modem for a few minutes 
when you change over the connection. If you ever need to change the 
network card or gateway computer (and hence the network card), you'll 
probably have to turn off the modem for a few minutes again, so the ISP 
can register the new MAC address of the card when the modem reboots.


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