internet via USB: how to use with FreeBSD?

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Wed Apr 7 14:46:06 PDT 2004

Rob wrote:

> Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. wrote:
>> Rob wrote:
>>> My parents have an internet provider, that uses the TV-cable and
>>> connects through the USB port. The provider only has M$-Window$
>>> software provided, and this works now with a single computer.
>>> I want to replace this M$-Window$ computer by a FreeBSD router,
>>> to start a home network.
>>> I am at a loss what to do with the USB internet connection?
>>> I know how to get a router set up with RJ-45 cables and two
>>> ethernet cards. But can FreeBSD handle a USB internet connection?
>>> Hints how to deal with this, are highly appreciated.
>> What is the device?  There are at least four in the
>> 5.X GENERIC kernel:
> It's a "Eminent 10/100 MBps USB network adaptor", provided by ISP.
> This is a small 'mouse-sized' box which has a RJ45 cable and jack at
> one end, and the USB-cable at the other. It connects a modem (RJ45
> plug) with the USB port of the computer.
> I have never used USB before, so I don't know what device this
> represents. Any ideas?

I'm having trouble finding out much about this
device, too.  Looks like you can buy 'em in Europe,
but I see few listings here in the US.

I did find a fifth driver; rue(4).  You can "man 4 <name of driver>"
to get a list of supported chipsets and models.  "Emiment" isn't
mentioned, but if you can figure out what chipset (i.e., maybe if
the device isn't glued together? ;-) you might be able to use
one of the drivers from FreeBSD.  Kids, don't try this at home....

> I actually wonder, whether I should put a LAN card in the FreeBSD
> system and connect that directly with the modem via a RJ45 cable,
> and leave the USB adaptor out of the story. But would that work?

This would probably work from a hardware standpoint, but
you'd probably have to call the ISP and ask them if you need
to reconfigure the thing.  You might just try cabling NIC to DSL
box, have the NIC set to "DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf, and see what
happens.  But you're at your own risk ....

I have some customers around here with cable modems with
both RJ45 and USB connectors.  For most of the home users,
you just set stuff DHCP and the modem handles the stuff. 

For the business setups, you must contact the ISP and
bind the static IP to the MAC addy of the hardware in

I have never used USB for this, though...and, I have little
experience with DSL ....

Sorry I'm not more help....

Kevin Kinsey

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