XF86Config for MSI KM4M-L motherboard

David Shoulders dhs at bendcable.com
Wed Apr 7 21:54:38 PDT 2004

Has anyone successfully configured X for the MSI KM4M-L?

In a posting to this list in Feb, Warren Block says he got a KM4M(no -L) to
work with the "savage" driver.  But when I try his "Device" section, I
always get "No device found".  I've tried all the possible 'BusID
"PCI:X:Y:Z"' possibilities, all yielding the same result.  Thank you to
Warren, all the same.

XF86Cfg thinks the VGA chip is VESA compatible.  When I try the vesa driver,
it seems to get quite a ways toward the goal (it reads the data out of the
monitor, including a list of modes, most of which are in the "modes" lines
in the "Screen" section of XF86Config). But not matter how much I tweak the
"Device" data, the driver always fails to find a useable screen ("Screens
found, but none with a useable configuration." or similar.)

Any help much appreciated.

- David Shoulders

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