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Joshua Lokken joshua at
Tue Apr 6 16:57:16 PDT 2004

Hello all,

Please, inform me if I have been removed from the mailing list.

I am receiving mail from the other lists I subscribe to, but not
freebsd-questions.  I understand that this could be due to a
misconfiguration on my part, but Exim logs show no evidence of 
false rejections, or that there is any other problam on my end.
Note:  I admit, this could possibly be the result of my incompetence.

I don't seem to have trouble sending to the list, just not receiving,
not one mail today.  When I try to resubscribe, mailman
(correctly) tells me I'm already subscribed.  I've been pulling my hair
out all day.  Please, I'm not sure where to continue tracking down this
problem.  Any advice would be most welcome.  Thank you.


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