5.2 to 5.greater

Don don at calis.blacksun.org
Tue Apr 6 13:41:34 PDT 2004

> using cvsup you can download the latest cvs branches from freebsd
> and then update it from time to time or when security demands it ( a
> must do ! :-) )
> you can find it in /usr/ports/net/csvsup(-without-gui)
If there is one program I would recommend you _NOT_ install from the
ports tree then cvsup(without-gui) is it.

Install the cvsup package (binary) and update your system. If you install
it from the ports tree then you will spend quite some time installing
dependencies. When you get done you will end up having installed cvsup
as well as modula-3 and a ton of other packages you probably do not want.


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