help with installing qmail & webmail on FBSD

Brent Bailey misterb at
Tue Apr 6 05:59:07 PDT 2004

Im in the middle of a re-structuring the email server for a large company.
They want to have a webmail interface so that they can access thier email
remotly or from abroad. My question is that currently they are using a
windows imail server  (uhg) I want to move them to a unix platform using
FBSD with qmail, sqwebmail, etc well all the nice system utilities
that can work with qmail...

1. Can 1 FBSD box after a default install (without compiling the kernel)
handle 50,000 users using webmail & smtp & pop3 ?

2.  If i were to move say the IMAP process & the webmail interface to a
second FBSD box would you go about configuring qmail & smtp & pop3
to use the second FBSD box for webmail requesets?

I know this is kinda out of the realm of the list (questions on qmail)
however in the past this list has been the best resourse for any question
concerning Freebsd...if anyone knows of a better place to ask these
questions id be most thankful :-)  ANY help is very appreciated

thank you --

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