not found and general ports question

Gerry Freymann lists at
Mon Apr 5 07:54:08 PDT 2004

How does one find out what port you need to install in order to get  ?

I've tried searching the online archives but can't find anything relevant.
I'm trying to get apsfilter installed and it complains that
can't be found. I must have had it one time because it was installed
before (then I decided to update Mozilla which has had me running in
circles for two weeks now with portupgrade).

One other question... when I do a pkg_version -v, some programs are listed
twice, like:

autoconf-2.13.000227_5              =   up-to-date with port
autoconf-2.53_1                     =   up-to-date with port

glib-1.2.10_10                      =   up-to-date with port
glib-2.2.3_1                        =   up-to-date with port

libtool-1.3.5_1                     <   needs updating (port has 1.3.5_2)
libtool-1.4.3_2                     <   needs updating (port has 1.4.3_3)

libxml-1.8.17_1                     <   needs updating (port has 1.8.17_2)
libxml2-2.6.8                       =   up-to-date with port

My "guess" is, when I first set up my FreeBSD 4.9R machine, I used
packages, and now I'm compiling ports. If you install a package and then
update it via the ports tree, doesn't it understand that it's updating a

I have cvsup'd the ports tree, and I've run pkgdb -F to correct things.
Everything is running pretty good too (although I still have Mozilla).

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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