pkgdb -F issues

Brian Astill bastill at
Mon Apr 5 03:50:07 PDT 2004

Before a fairly major system upgrade I have done "portsdb -Uu" and 
"pkgdb -F".  Next step, upgrade portupgrade, which entails doing smart 
things to also painlessly upgrade to ruby 1.8.  BUT ..

I must have misunderstood what pkgdb requires when it asks about stale 
dependencies because at the penultimate stage:
 #portupgrade -f lang/ruby18
Stale dependency: ruby-1.8.1_2 --> openssl-0.9.7d -- manually run 'pkgdb 
-F' to fix, or specify -O to force.

I had already DONE pkgdb -F  :-(
Tried pkgdb -Fu, which rebuilt the database, but it made no difference.
Incidentally there IS no "O" option for pkgdb listed in the docs.

Looked diligently for detailed guidance on pkgdb (Complete FBSD 3rd & 
4th Eds, Handbook, man page, FBSD Diary) but found nothing very 
helpful.  The Diary " As near as I can tell, this is more art than 
science." and  "Or you can just "know". were MOST discouraging. :-(

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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