I need help with Xfree86

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Sun Apr 4 13:10:49 PDT 2004

> Hi
> I installed FreeBSD and everything works fine but now I need to install 
> Xfree86. Is that the only thing I need to install to be able to get into 
> FreeBSD? Please help me out by telling me how to get Xfree86 and where to 
> install it to so I can get it when Im trying to install it. I have FreeBSD 
> on another partition but now when I go into My Computer, it doesnt show 
> the partition with FreeBSD on it. How will I do it then? I have the I386 
> platform. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

First, please break your line at around 70 characters length.  It makes it
much easier for people using a text based Email reader to read your
question and to respond to it.

I normally select X as one of the things to install when I am select
the things to install on the selection screen during the regular 
FreeBSD installation.   (I also select ports and source, etc too, but
that's another issue).    Then it gets installed right when the other
stuff gets installed.  

Then, there is a screen of post installation things to do and on 
that I have to select a couple of things:  setting up the console,
setting time zone, etc and one of those things is configuring X.
I just do it from there.   That is the easiest - in fact so much
so that I suggest you go back and try it that way.   

When you choose configuring X, it offers a list of methods.  I think
the one I have the best luck with is the ncurses one.

When it configures X, it also lets you choose one or more window
managers.   I normally choose AfterStep and KDE and don't bother 
with the others.  But that is up to you.

I think you can stick the CD back in  and boot and work your way through
menus to where it asks if there is anything else you want to install
and get your X installed that way.   But since I always have it already
done, I have never had to experiment with that feature.


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