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Sun Apr 4 12:08:22 PDT 2004

> : somehost> ssh -X user at remotemachine
> : remotemachine> echo $DISPLAY
> :
> : remotemachine> xclock &
> : 
> : Don't forget to enable X forwarding in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:
> : X11Forwarding yes
> I had this working before, but I'm having problems.  My main box is missing
> a monitor (on repair).  Would that make a difference? Will X apps run on the
> main box without a monitor and forward X to the remote client?
> Right now, I get this:
> neptune:~> echo $DISPLAY
> neptune:~> 

If DISPLAY is not set, then ssh on your local machine and sshd on
the remote box didn't establish an X11 forwarding channel. Are you
sure that sshd_config is set up properly on the remote machine?
Did you use -X (that's uppercase X) while invoking ssh locally?
Perhaps your local ssh and remote sshd are not talking the same
version of the SSH protocol?

BTW, it is irrelevant if the remote box has a monitor or not. That
box doesn't even need an X server (wether running or not). Only X
clients and X libraries are needed on the remote machine.

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