FreeBSD 4.9 / VRRP / vlan

Spyou root at
Thu Nov 27 13:35:43 PST 2003

Hi there,

I'm currently playing with a "quite" simple network infrastructure :

    |      |
   ----   ----
   ----   ----
    |      |
   -----------    --------------
   | SWITCH  |----|servers & co|
   -----------    --------------

R1 & R2 are running OSPF to learn routes from upstream routers that are not 
symbolized here.

in order to allow redundancy for boxes behind the switch, i'm running VRRP 
(freevrrpd implementation) on both R1 & R2.

All is ok ("so why the hell is he sending mails ??") ...

Now, i need to isolate some servers into vlans. So i create vlans on the 
interface managed by VRRP, i told VRRP to use various vlans instead of the 
parent interface ... And ... here's the probleme ...

as you might know, VRRP modify the MAC address of the network card (or of 
the real parent card in case of vlans) to avoid problems when virtual IP 
switch from one box to another. When VRRP changes the MAC address of the 
parent ethernet card of my vlans ... i cannot ping boxes behind anymore ... 
when i kill freevrrpd (he restore the real mac address) everything comes 
back to normal ...

Is it a "bug" or a "feature" (ie, are vlans & ether cards linked by the mac 
address of the ether card .. or something like this ?)

If anyone got an idea ...

I will try with a FreeBSD 5.2 tomorow .. i'll keep you informed :-)

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- Supertramps

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