Freebsd list rejects mail.

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Wed Nov 26 21:42:09 PST 2003

         You need an A record and an PTR record (aka forward and reverse 
lookup records respectively) for it to work.  I encountered much the same 
problem back when I was first setting up my own mail server and trying to 
send to the list.  The idea behind them requiring both is it cuts down on a 
lot of spam getting through.  :)

         Have your ISP put in an A record as well for your mail server 
matching the name you have already specified for it, in your case 
"" and you should be all set in about 24 hours.  Of course 
if you're " doing your own DNS, just edit the zone file for "" and 
add the following entry.

host4           IN A

         Again, give it 24 hours and you should be golden.  :)

At 09:51 PM 11/19/03 +0000, Marwan Sultan wrote:
>Hi there,
>There is a reverse record
>  Or shall it be something in MX? or
>  I face this problem ONLY with freebsd list.
>>On Wednesday 19 November 2003 04:29 pm, Marwan Sultan wrote:
>> > Hello everyone,
>> >
>> >    I have my own pop3 email system, when i send from my private
>> > Email, it always rejects and says:
>> >    cannot find my host name, I knew this is a sendmail, or whatever
>> > freebsd list restrictions,
>> >    but how to solve it from my side?
>>You need to add a reverse record for your ip address. I think the
>>mailing list server rejects anything for which it cannot retrieve
>>an record.
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