Mail Problems.

Minnesota Slinky mnslinky at
Wed Nov 19 21:11:40 PST 2003


Sorry to bother you personally, but I seem to be having a mail-list
problem I think you can help me with.  I have been able to reply to
certain messages on the list, but I get the following message when I
send a new message:

Message from
Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).

<freebsd-questions at>: failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 550 Error: Message content rejected

--- Original message follows.

Return-Path: <mnslinky at>

The original message is over 5k.  Message truncated to 1K.

Received: from (HELO Nomad)
(mnslinky at with login)

Please help,  I would really like to post to the list again!

Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
(952) 403-9000

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From: owner-freebsd-questions at
[mailto:owner-freebsd-questions at] On Behalf Of Greg 'groggy'
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 7:54 PM
Cc: freebsd-questions at
Subject: Mail problems (was: SCO going after BSD???)

On Wednesday, 19 November 2003 at 20:11:22 -0500, SWIT wrote:
> is this a unix thing or what.
>  many times i get messages from the list were the message is an
> and not in the email.
> was curious as to why.
> thanks
> newbie marine
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> From: "Kris Kennaway" <kris at>
> To: "Sean Countryman" <sean at>
> Cc: <freebsd-questions at>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 7:52 PM
> Subject: Re: SCO going after BSD???

Kris PGP signs his mail (like I do).  This requires MIME.  Most MUAs
show text/plain attachments directly.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers.

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