delete first partition XP and reformat as ufs -> kernel not found

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Nov 26 07:47:34 PST 2003

> Hi there,
>   How can I delete an existing XP partition on the
> same disk with FreeBSD and reformat it as ufs, then
> move /usr to it? (keeping the FreeBSD bootable :))
>   Running FreeBSD 4.8.

Really, your best be by far is to back everything up and then
redo the whole disk from scratch.    

  fdisk it to make it all one FreeBSd slice  (slice 1)
  disklabel it to make the partitions in slice 1 that you want
  newfs the partitions to make file systems of them
  reinstall FreeBSD from scratch   --   good time to go to 4.9
  reload the backups over it.


>   My attempts produce a unbootable FreeBSD (invalid
> partition, from which point I am unable to specify the
> slice from where to extract the kernel).
>   I had a similar problem when I installed Debian in
> some free middle space, and once the Linux partitions
> where recognized, the identifier for FreeBSD partition
> (being last) switched from ad0s2 to ad0s4. I solved at
> that time the problem by booting FIXIT cd and manually
> update /etc/fstab entry for root to point to new slice
> id.
>   Any suggestions, please? Any references on the
> subject are welcomed. Thank you,
> /Dorin.

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