delete first partition XP and reformat as ufs -> kernel not found

Dorin H bj93542 at
Tue Nov 25 18:15:48 PST 2003

Hi there,
  How can I delete an existing XP partition on the
same disk with FreeBSD and reformat it as ufs, then
move /usr to it? (keeping the FreeBSD bootable :))
  Running FreeBSD 4.8.

  My attempts produce a unbootable FreeBSD (invalid
partition, from which point I am unable to specify the
slice from where to extract the kernel).
  I had a similar problem when I installed Debian in
some free middle space, and once the Linux partitions
where recognized, the identifier for FreeBSD partition
(being last) switched from ad0s2 to ad0s4. I solved at
that time the problem by booting FIXIT cd and manually
update /etc/fstab entry for root to point to new slice

  Any suggestions, please? Any references on the
subject are welcomed. Thank you,


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