Please, it's very important replying my email

camuflag camuflag at
Tue Nov 25 11:21:17 PST 2003

Honourable Sir,
My name is Ziad Fazah. Indeed, I have tried to install Freebsd on my PC 
3 times, but unfortunately, I have had some problems, concerning its 
installation, on account of my Video card which is Ge Force. Thus, I do 
wish amiably, whether you might reply me in order to know , if the main 
reason of its non-installation is linked to my video card Ge Force, or 
not. Besides, Iam running pentium 4.In anyway, I shall be awaiting your 
response as soon as possible, and thanks a lot for your comprehension.
				Yours Faithfully,
				Ziad Fazah

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