No sound when playing a CD in FreeBSD 4.9

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jb.quenot at
Mon Nov 24 02:40:12 PST 2003

* Rahul Fernandez:

> Hi, Thanks for  the responses. My understanding from  the handbook was
> that I did not need to do this as I simply loaded a module (by editing
> the 'loader.conf' file). Am  I mistaken? I am able to  hear sound when
> watching  films using  mplayer.  Does  that  not mean  that the  audio
> cable  is connected  to  the  sound card  (in  response to  somebody's
> suggestion)? I will check later that this is the case.

The volume could be muted by default  for the CDROM line.  Did you check
with mixer(8)?

Jean-Baptiste Quenot
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