No sound when playing a CD in FreeBSD 4.9

ogautherot at ogautherot at
Fri Nov 21 07:35:39 PST 2003

> Trying to simplify the difference:
> the sound from a mpg/divx/xvid movie is read as data over the IDE cable.
> then this data is processed by the playersoftware and send to the the 
> right audio codec (e.g mp3), which sends its output to the soundcard 
> driver, which instructs the soundcard (using the PCI or ISA bus) to make 
> some noise.

I thought there was a technical way of reading the CD track as data
and write the samples to the audio driver? It was called "paranoid"
access or the like and was meant for people who did not have this
audio cable on the CD drive. It worked in much the same way as the
CD ripper but played the data instead of saving them to disk.


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