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Sun Nov 23 20:19:38 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 07:30:05 -0800, Allan Bowhill <abowhill at>  

> On  0, Jud <judmarc at> wrote:
> :The best tutorial I've seen on this remains <URL:
> :>.  3  
> years
> :ago as a newbie it was far easier for me to understand than the  
> Handbook.
> :One thing has changed in those 3 years: The user wanting to access the  
> Net
> :must be a member of the 'dialer' group.
> Actually, the group is "network"

The article does note that membership in the 'network' group is  
necessary.  But membership in the 'dialer' group is *also* necessary (at  
least in 5.x - I assume from your message that it may not be necessary in  
4.x), and it wasn't AFAIK at the time the article was published.  (Or  
maybe that was because I was using 4.x at the time?  Oh well, maybe  
someone can enlighten me here....)

> IMHO, the best resource for user ppp is still the manpage. Probably
> one of the best-written manpages there are.

I had a rough time with the man page myself.  The tutorial, instead of  
providing what may be an overwhelming number of possible options to a  
newbie, describes a very simple step-by-step procedure.


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