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> how does this all work under IPv6?  is the IPv6 domain name allocation as 
> fully fledged as teh IPv4 services? I.e. are there and what are the 
> restrictions on who can set up a name broker service for IPv6?  what are the 
> likely gottchas?

I don't know for sure here, so please take this with a grain of salt:

IPv6 addresses are represented by AAAA instead of A records in
DNS nameservers. Right now, I think that you can only point
.org (and other [cc]TLD) nameservers to nameservers residing
on an IPv4 address [anyone correct me if I'm wrong here].
But you could always configure your nameservers (let's say
ns1.bergen.org, ns2.bergen.org) to return IPv6 addresses
to some names, by adding AAAA records to them.

But since IPv6 names are not (yet) globally routed on the Internet,
this will have local meaning only (e.g. on an intranet).

Generally speaking: IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are _never_
allocated by name brokers or DNS systems. They reside at
a much lower level, which has nothing to do with _names_.
If you connect to the Internet, your upstream provider(s)
will assign to you IPv4 address blocks automatically.
You would normally not be able to influence this, because
it is deeply intertwined with the routing protocols that
all network operators use to transmit data on the Internet.

You may ask how network operators get their IP address
blocks. Check out IANA: http://www.iana.org/  especially:

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