mounting windows FS questions

Scott W wegster at
Sun Nov 23 16:29:01 PST 2003

paul van den bergen wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have a dual boot machine.... Win2k + BSD...
>obviously I can mount the windows partition under BSD.
>can I mount the BSD partition(s) under windows?
>I have been told that writing to the windows partition from BSD is kinda 
>dubious. why is this? is it possible to work around this?
Unsure if there's anything to mount BSD partitions from within Windows- 
I wouldn't be surprised, but as Windows uses broken/different 
permissions and file attributes, I wouldn't really want to do this.

For mounting Windows filesystems, you can mount fat/vfat/fat32 
partitions all day long read-write, but NTFS uses some sort of sequence 
IDs in their file attributes, which if ignored or screwed up, can cause 
serious issues on the in short, I don't mount NTFS 
read/write ;-)


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