Running rbldnsd

Mark admin at
Sun Nov 23 14:22:45 PST 2003

Perhaps a bit off-topic, but since's untimely demise, I
have been running the dynablock zone in BIND. Works great, but takes a
whopping 117MB! So, I tried using rbldnsd, which is about 10 times more
memory-efficient (!). I created a zone,, and added
the zone-data, and start rbldns as follows:

rbldnsd -u bind:bind -r /usr/rbldns -b -P 53 -c 0 \ \

The "" contains the following:

$NS 86400
$SOA 1w 0 2h 2h 1w 1h
@ 86400 A
dsl-cable-dhcp-dialup.ip 86400 A
dsl-cable-dhcp-dialup.ip 86400 TXT Dynamic/Residential IP range

Rbldsnd starts fine, without error, and says it loaded all zones:

rbldnsd: 20031123 174253: \
rbldnsd: 20031123 183814: e=3
rbldnsd: version 0.96 (29 May 2003) started (listening on []:53)

Yet, I cannot get any query to resolve on it:

% nslookup
*** Can't find server name for address Query refused

I guess I misconfigured the "zoneheader" somehow. But I do not see how. Is
there anyone out there with a working knowledge of rbldns who can tell me
what I am doing wrong? It manages load load the whole dynablock zone in less
than 8MB (!), so it is worth trying to get to work, I'd say.


- Mark

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