make vs. pkg_add

Patrick Burnett pb1170 at
Sat Nov 22 20:04:27 PST 2003

Hi all,

Not that I expect to be swayed one way or the other here, but...

I'm curious to see what other users think of using either the 'make'
commands or 'pkg_add' for compiling and installing software.  I'm
admittedly a bit of a newbie, and I've tried it both ways, after
CVSup-ing the source and ports of course.  In most cases 'pkg_add' seems
to work better, but the problem solver in me wants to see 'make all
install clean' and its brethren work at least once.  Am I to understand
that 'make' and its accompanying command options will download source,
dependencies, needed libs, et al. while compiling, building, and
installing just like 'pkg_add' does?  I'm probably doing something wrong
such that 'make' isn't playing nice, but I'd still appreciate some
further insight from more experienced users.


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